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Grand Junction Life Coach, Terri Brumett...

Explore Your Life without Waiting for a Crisis!

Is this you?

You are excellent at putting everyone else first. Your kids, your husband, and maybe now, you are helping take care of your parents. Maybe you feel like your life is "fine" or "just okay". You go along to get along because it is easier. Maybe you have forgotten what it was like to enjoy painting a picture, hiking down a trail, or the hobby that really made you smile and enjoy passing the time with.

You have reached that time in your life – empty nest, 40s-50s and all that goes with mid-life years, and you are asking yourself:

What about me?
What else is out there?
Is it Finally my turn?

You have been waiting a long, long time for your turn. And now that it's here, you wonder "now what do I do?"

Terri Syperreck, massage therapist - Grand Junction, Colorado Terri has been there...

A Personal Note From Terri Brumett, Grand Junction's Life Coach

"I was living a life that "good was good enough" and really, that was not true. I was always putting my family first, but was feeling like I was shrinking inside. I felt numb and had a few too many pints of Ben and Jerry's to deal with this feeling.

"It was finally my time to bring my focus to me. To quit living by default.

"At first it felt a little selfish and awkward. But surprisingly, it made life better for my family as well. It was amazing!"

Terri, Your Life Coach of Choice For Grand Valley Residents...

You see, when you learn to embrace this time in your life and put yourself first, it impacts your life by:

Giving you back your identity
Say 'no' when you want to and not feel guilty about it
Create your life experience instead of settling for what comes you way
Bringing passion back into your life
Having Energy and feeling great in your body

Terri wants you to know that you are allowed to live your life by choice. She can see you saying "yes" only to the events in your life you really want to say yes to, and, wait for it, feeling good and not guilty. Find out how taking care of yourself helps not only you, but also your family.

How would it feel to get up in the morning, and start the day the way you want? Coffee and a good book, morning hike, yoga? Maybe start that business you have dreamed about? We don't get this time back, what is it you really want out of life?

Terri's want to share a little secret! She spent years trying to do this on her own. She would read self-help book after book, she would start back to the gym and then quit making time for it. What really changed in her life was starting to work with a coach. That's when she really started taking action and staying the course. It was fabulous!

Coaching helps women figure out and live their "Now What?!" and empowers them to have a Mid Life Awakening (vs. a midlife crisis – because, really, who wants one of those?).

When You Work Together With a Life Coach

Terri will help you feel your way forward and make choices aligned with what you deeply want out of life. Together, you will rediscover what you want out of life, what is holding you back, and a loving way to move forward that supports you and supports your family.

Contact Terri today for a chat. Together you can discover how wonderful life really is!

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Specialist in
Injury Recovery and
Chronic Pain.
Also known for
Prenatal, Labor,
and Postpartum Massage
Stress Relief

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